The Open Road

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Riding alone is fun
Freedom is my code
I reach deep inside myself
Zen on the great open road

Moving fast is easy
My worries will unload
My mind expands with
Time on the great open road

As the wind rushes through me
My thoughts and feelings have froze
I create a ball of warmth to
Hold on the great open road

Riding the world will not change me
Might as well not left my abode
I need you to ride beside me
To share the great open road

Another rider makes it all new
While the destination has not been showed
The joy is the journey getting there
Travelling the great open road

The road is somehow smoother
My bike holds a lighter load
Its easy with you beside me
Riding the great open road

On the road we will pass many sheep
So envious I fear they’ll explode
For they see nothing but fields
While we have the great open road

Daniel Miles

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